Samuel Talmadge King

Samuel T. King

Samuel T. King

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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Research Interests:

Security, operating systems, and experimental computer systems.


Samuel T. King is working to create more secure and error-prone software. Computer intrusions that result from insecure software lead to a number of problems, including the loss or corruption of sensitive data, costly and time-intensive cleanup efforts, and damage to a company's reputation. Additionally, software bugs can cause system outages that have been estimated to cost businesses billions of dollars each year.

King's research interests are in designing, implementing, and analyzing secure and robust software systems. His current and future work spans all levels of software from low-level virtual-machine monitor and operating system software to high-level application code. He believes that the best way to validate designs is by implementing and deploying experimental software systems, as he has done with his current research projects and plans to continue doing with his future research projects.

He received his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Michigan in 2006.