With the computing world in the midst of a parallelism revolution, researchers are seeking to take advantage of unprecedented new speed and power potential for applications ranging from astronomy to zoology.

But meeting challenges in new programming technologies, power consumption and performance for scientific applications will require major interdisciplinary engineering efforts. The Parallel Computing Institute (PCI) is designed to enable Illinois researchers from across campus to come together in new, application-focused research centers and achieve their scientific goals using the latest and most efficient parallel computing technologies.

PCI will facilitate their work by providing an incubation and growth mechanism for new interdisciplinary centers and initiatives that will benefit from parallel computing; by expanding access to computing resources and infrastructure; by teaching critical skills; by identifying more opportunities for funding; and by helping to establish key external partnerships. The ultimate goal is to advance Illinois research capabilities by enabling high-impact collaborations and providing access to cutting-edge resources and professional instruction and assistance — all built around the revolutionary new possibilities offered by parallelization.