Laxmikant Kale

Laxmikant Kale

Laxmikant Kale

Professor of Computer Science

Other Affiliations:

Director of the Parallel Programming Laboratory


Parallel Programming Laboratory web site

Research Interests:

Adaptive run-time systems, migratable-objects programming model, Charm++ parallel programming system, adaptive MPI, Performance analysis tools, collaborative development of highly scalable parallel applications including biophysics (NAMD), astronomy (ChaNGa) and quantum chemistry (OpenAtom), etc.


Laxmikant Kale has been working on various aspects of parallel and distributed computing. He is interested in issues involved in design and implementation of pragmatic tools that facilitate development of efficient, scalable parallel applications. Parallel Programming Laboratory, the research group he leads, developed the Charm/Charm++ parallel programming system. Charm was one of the first portable parallel systems and a pioneering parallel object-based system. He uses this system as a core and a framework for research on several problems in parallel computing. These include dynamic load balancing, performance visualization and analysis, parallelization of symbolic and search computations, data parallel programming, and expression of flow of control within objects-- via notations such as the "Dagger" and "Structured-dagger" languages developed by his group.