Franck Cappello

Franck Cappello

Franck Cappello

Co-Director of the INRIA-Illinois Joint Laboratory on PetaScale Computing


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Research Interests:

Investigating determinism in HPC, send-determinism and its derivatives, new hybrid fault tolerant protocols, multi-level and diskless checkpointing, system log analysis, root cause finding and fault prediction and optimized checkpointing for cloud computing.


Franck Cappello holds a Senior Researcher position at INRIA. He leads the Grand-Large project at INRIA, focusing on High Performance issues in Large Scale Distributed Systems. He has initiated the XtremWeb (Desktop Grid) and MPICH-V (Fault tolerant MPI) projects. He was the director of the Grid5000 project, a nation wide computer science platform for research in large scale distributed systems. He is the scientific director of ALADDIN/Grid5000, the new 4 years INRIA project aiming to sustain the Grid5000 infrastructure and to open it to researches in Cloud Computing, Service Infrastructures and the Future Internet. He has authored papers in the domains of High Performance Programming, Desktop Grids, Grids and Fault tolerant MPI and contributed to more than 50 Program Committees. He is editorial board member of the international Journal on Grid Computing, Journal of Grid and Utility Computing and Journal of Cluster Computing. He is a steering committee member of IEEE HPDC and IEEE/ACM CCGRID. He is the Program co-Chair of IEEE CCGRID'2009, General co-Chair of IEEE APSCC 2008, Workshop co-chair for IEEE CCGRID'2008 and was the General Chair of IEEE HPDC 2006. Latest Keynote talks were given at CCGRID'2007, Europar 2008, EuroPVM/MPI 2008 on Fault tolerance for PetaScale systems and Experimental platforms for GRID.