Luke Olson

Scientific computing.

Chief Scientist

Wen-Mei Hwu

Architecture, compilation and microarchitecture of high performance parallel computer systems.

Research Faculty

Sarita V. Adve

Computer architecture, low-power design, adaptive systems, real-time and network processing, performance evaluation methods and parallel computing.

Vikram S. Adve

Compilers, software reliability, performance analysis and computer architecture.

Gul A. Agha

concurrent computation

Daniel J. Bodony

Daniel J. Bodony

Simulation of compressible turbulence using provably stable and accurate numerical methods on large and distributed memory parallel computers.

Roy Campbell

Security assessment of SCADA networks, operating system dependability and security, active spaces for ubiquitous computing and the design of peer-to-peer distributed oeprating systems

Franck Cappello

Investigating determinism in HPC, send-determinism and its derivatives, new hybrid fault tolerant protocols, multi-level and diskless checkpointing, system log analysis, root cause finding and fault prediction and optimized checkpointing for cloud computing.

David M. Ceperley

Simulation of quantum systems using Monte Carlo methods, random number generators for parallel computers, quantum effects in many particle systems, low temperature physics and materials properties under extreme conditions.

Deming Chen

Synthesis and architecture exploration for programmable logic devices; CAD for multicore and SoC under process variation; reconfigurable computing; nanoscale IC design and CAD; high-level synthesis (Behavior synthesis); design space exploration for SoC; and algorithmic design and applications.

Minh N. Do

Image and multi-dimensional signal processing, computational imaging, wavelets and multiscale geometric analysis, and visual information representation.

Gregory S. Elliott

Gregory S. Elliott

Application of experimental models and measurements for computational modeling validation. Development of laser based diagnostic techniques and the study of high-speed flows, aerodynamics, plasmas, combustion, and turbulence.

Jonathan Freund

Fluid mechanics and computational flow physics

Philip Brighten Godfrey

Design and analysis of networked systems

William D. Gropp

William D. Gropp

Developing standards for parallel computing that can be efficiently and widely implemented, namely the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard and a freely-available implementation of the MPI standard, MPICH; developing tools to understand and improve the performance and correctness of parallel programs; and innovative methods for parallelism that will match radical changes in computer architecture.

Indranil Gupta

Distributed systems and protocols.

John C. Hart

High performance graphics and shape modeling.

Michael T. Heath

parallel computing and numerical analysis, particularly numerical linear algebra and optimization

Ravishankar K. Iyer

Reliable and secure systems; fault tolerance and reliability

Laxmikant Kale

Adaptive run-time systems, migratable-objects programming model, Charm++ parallel programming system, adaptive MPI, Performance analysis tools, collaborative development of highly scalable parallel applications including biophysics (NAMD), astronomy (ChaNGa) and quantum chemistry (OpenAtom), etc.

Volodymyr Kindratenko

Volodymyr Kindratenko

High-performance computing and special-purpose computing architectures; development and deployment of next-generation HPC systems based on computational accelerators; and design and implementation of scientific applications on such systems.

Andreas Kloeckner

Accurate simulation methods for wave problems, using finite-element and integral equation approaches; tools and languages for high-performance scientific computing; and fast algorithms.

William Kramer

Extreme-scale computing and analytics, performance evaluation, data and storage techniques and hierarchies, resiliency and reliability, resource management, cyber-protection, consistency in large scale systems, and large-scale project management.

Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh Kumar

Computer architecture; CAD/architecture interactions; low power and complexity-effective designs; and fault tolerance and reliability.

Steven S. Lumetta

Steven S. Lumetta

Optical network architecture, computer architecture, cluster computing, parallel computing, user-level communication and validation and reliability.

Ping Ma

Ping Ma

Nonparametric statistics, computational biology and big analysis.

Darko Marinov

Software reliability; software testing and model checking for sequential, parallel, and distributed code; and program transformations (refactorings).

Klara Nahrstedt

Networking and distributed systems.

David Nicol

David M. Nicol

High-performance computing, modeling and simulation of large-scale systems, and networks and cyber-security.

David Padua

Program analysis, transformation and optimization strategies.

Madhusudan Parthasarathy

Software analysis and verification, Model checking: algorithms and tools, security, logic and automata theory.

Sanjay J. Patel portrait

Sanjay J. Patel

High-performance processor design, including massively many-core processors and parallel programming models, such as GPUs

Dan Roth

Artificial intelligence and theoretical computing.

Lui Raymond Sha

Cyber-physical Systems, formalized reduced complexity architecture patterns, distributed real-time fault tolerant computing systems and dynamic real-time architecture.

Marc Snir

Large scale parallel and distributed systems; parallel computer architecture; and parallel programming.

Brad Sutton

Brad Sutton

Functional magnetic resonance imaging, dynamic imaging, diffusion weighted imaging, magnetic susceptibility, image reconstruction and neuromuscular coupling.

Josep Torrellas

Shared-memory parallel computer architecture, low-power design, hardware reliability and software dependability.

S. Pratap Vanka

S. Pratap Vanka

Computational fluid dynamics, including transport processes in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactors, large eddy simulations in continuous casting of steel, microscale mixing, particle transport in turbulent flows and heat transfer in wavy passages.

Craig Zilles

Craig Zilles

Computer architecture, compiler construction, dynamic optimization and computer science/engineering education.