2012 REU Projects

Parallel Branch and Bound: Applying an Asynchronous Multi-Pool Approach to Cyclic Best First Search

Joshua Gluck, Swarthmore College
Nartezya Dykes, Spelman College
Optimization of Algebraic Multigrid Through GPU Computing

Steve R. Hussung, Mercer University
Particle Simulations in CUDA

Stephen Mack, University of Tulsa
Rachel Turner, Younstown State University
GPGPU Parallelization of Select Quantum Monte Carlo Algorithms

Caroline Marcks, Tufts University
Dillon Skeehan, University of Rochester
Cycling Choices in Algebraic Multigrid

Abigail Gregory, Harvey Mudd College
Refactoring for Concurrency

Kyle Doren, University of Illinois
Alexandria Shearer, Santa Clara University